Nanotechnology: Concept and Applications of Nanotechnology in Various Fields

Today we will present to you a topic of modern science. The topic we are presenting today is called Nanotechnology. Many of you are already familiar with the word Nano. Nano is used in the sense of a very small object.

What do we mean by 1 nano meter ? 

One nano meter is a single part of 100 crore pieces of 1 meter. you can understand how short the length is! Let's illustrate this with some examples. The distance between two carbon atoms, that is, the distance between the carbon bond, is in the nano meter range. You have heard the name of co-plasma bacteria. The length of these bacteria is like 200 nano meters. Simply we can say.. 1 nano meter is as smaller to 1 meter, that a marble is as smaller compared to the Earth.

Another interesting example will give you a better understanding. Men cut their beards. During cutting your beard ,it grows in such a length in the time interval to take the razor to your beard, is about 1 nano meter. Hope,we get some basic ideas. Getting into the topic will make the idea more clear.

About the Invention of Nanotechnology:

The concept of nanotechnology was first introduced by renowned physicist Richard Feynman in 1959. He says that.. Direct evolution of atom is possible. The term, Nanotechnology was first used by Norio Taniguchi in 1974. But, nanotechnology was first used in Scanning Tunneling Microscope. This kind of microscope helps to see more smaller objects that a normal microscope can't. This technology was used in 1981.

Generally nanotechnology is discussed in the range of 1-100 nano meter. It is connected with various branches of science. The five largest companies held patents in various branches of nanotechnology. We all know the names of these companies Samsung Electronics, Nippon Steel, IBM, Toshiba and Cannon. This is the basic idea.

Nanotechnology: Concept and Applications of Nanotechnology

Let's learn, how Nanotechnology is used in our Daily Life?

There is a lot of use of Nanotechnology today. This Nanotechnology has entered our daily life. One by one we will discuss some of them.

  1. we come to the Lotus Effect. We have all seen that the lotus leaves do not hold water but drain out. That is, lotus leaves can clean himself up. It is called self cleaning technology. The characteristic for which it occurs, called Ultra Hydrophobia. In imitation of this feature using nanotechnology we have discovered Teflon. Or Poly tetra fluorite ethylene(PTFE) Many of you have heard the name of Teflon. This Teflon coating is also applied on the non stick cooking utensils. Also, this coating is applied in expensive cars, so that....The cars don't get scratched or dirty easily.
  2. Nowadays these sensors are being used to test the quality of food stuffs. It is a very small device. It combines with food or any chemical to provide information about its quality in some external detectors. As a result, it is easy to catch any food spoilage from outside. No chemical testing is required at all.
  3. You might be surprised to hear the name. What would be a nano sized food!! The matter is a little different, that you think. Many of you may be familiar with canola oil which is used in cooking. A special kind of nano drop is being added to canola oil. These nano drops carry vitamins, minerals and phyto chemicals into our Digestive system.... that helps to fulfill our nutrition.
  4. Many of you may be familiar with the name nano fiber. Using nano-fibers, it is possible to make our apparel even more water proof and stain resistant. Clothing that uses nano fibers is less dirty and can be cleaned at low temperature. Nowadays, nanotechnology has also been used in trousers and socks to make them more durable and comfortable in the summer.
  5. Sunscreen is often used by many people. Nanotechnology is also being used in sunscreen now. Titanium oxide, which is a contribution of nanotechnology.. That titanium oxide sunscreen is efficiently able to block ultra violet rays. It is also more durable than ordinary sunscreen.
  6. Many of you have heard of carbon nano tubes. Baseball bats made of carbon nano tubes are now available in market. These bats are lighter and stronger than ordinary baseball bats. In addition to these.. Sports towels, yoga mats, exercise mats, etc. are also available in market which are capable to prevent bacteria.
  7. Use of nanotechnology in Space Research. Using nanotechnology, it is possible to make spacecraft and aircraft parts much lighter but stronger. This makes it possible to launch spacecraft and operate aircraft at much lower cost. Nanotechnology is being used to make hang gliders which is much lighter but stronger.
Nanotechnology: Concept and Applications of Nanotechnology

How Nanotechnology is used in Medical Science?

Use of Nanotechnology has radically changed the medical procedures. With the help of nano particles, it is becoming possible to send medicines, heat, light, etc., as well as other necessary chemicals to the cancer cells perfectly. As a result, it is possible to treat diseased cells without damaging the nearby healthy cells. Scientists have also discovered a way to send stem cell With this method, damaged heart tissues are being healed by sending stem cells to the heart. 

Think, how nanotechnology has integrated with our lives. Let's talk about some more wonderful uses of nanotechnology in medical science. By combining antibody with carbon nano tubes in the blood stream, it is possible to detect cancer cells in the blood. It is also an innovative use of Nanotechnology.

How Nanotechnology is Used in Kidney Treatment? Gold nano rods are being used to detect the decay of kidney before it is fully damaged. These nano rods can detect the damaged part in advance. The bacteria are also being destroyed by using the Gold Nano particle.

Now come to the Nano Robot. A very interesting matter. Tiny robots have been created using nanotechnology. When these robots are programmed and sent, they heal specific diseased cells, just as antibodies heal our bodies. 

Finally, let's discuss about bandage. Silver nano particles are now being mixed with bandages. These silver nano particles are quickly healing our damage.

This was today's topic about nanotechnology. We represent it to you. Yet we have tried our best, to explain as much as possible.If you enjoy and learn something from this then please share it with your friends and don't forget to comment. Stay well... be healthy.

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