Top 5 Mutual funds to invest in 2020

In today's life mutual funds are the best instrument for beginners to invest and also best way to invest in economy. Mutual fund industry has been growing in a rapid pace. Currently thousands of Mutual fund schemes available in Stock market and it is very difficult to select best mutual fund schemes out of these thousand of schemes.

Top 5 Best Mutual funds

Before invest in mutual funds please take understanding about Regular and Direct growth plans. The only difference between these two is, in case of a regular funds your mutual fund house pays a commission to the broker/agent for helping you to understand and manage your funds more efficiently and in case of a direct funds, no such commission is paid because in this nobody can help you to understand you can do your own research.

Returns: As we mentioned above that we are not paid any commission/fees for buying direct mutual funds that's why the direct mutual fund plans give higher returns then the regular mutual fund plans.In regular plans we have to pay commission/fees to broker or agent due to this when we withdraw our money then in hand amount is less if we compare with direct plans. 

It is the right time to invest in stock market as we all know that market is down Approx 20-30 percent from its high.So we have found some best direct mutual fund schemes from Large cap/Mid Cap and Tax Saving categories for those investors who can do all analysis itself.Selected mutual funds having top ranking from CRISIL(CRISIL is a well known firm for providing ranting, research etc advisory services).Below analysis done on the basis of last 5 year returns. Asset under management(AUM) of below schemes is not so much high because as per my view low AUM schemes give more returns then high AUM schemes. Please do your analysis as well on below mentioned best mutual fund schemes.

Large Cap Category:
1.Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity Fund - Direct Plan - Growth
2.BNP Paribas Large Cap Fund - Direct Plan - Growth

Mid Cap Category:
1.Tata Mid Cap Growth Fund - Direct Plan - Growth
2.Invesco India Mid Cap Fund - Direct Plan - Growth

Tax Saving Category:
1.SBI Tax Advantage Fund - Series III - Direct Plan - Growth

Note: Kindly note that this post is for information purposes only. Read all documents carefully before investing in any schemes. Fintechtip is not invested with any of the companies mentioned in the above article.


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